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What is SEO(Search Engine Optimization)?

Whenever you enter a query in the search engine and press "Enter", you get a list of search results page with that. Users normally have to visit is at the top of this list, because they perceive to be relevant to the search. If you ever wondered why some of these sites rank higher than others, then you know that it is an effective marketing techniques called Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

How Website Design Is Necessary To Improve SEO

SEO now plays a vital part in website design development to ensure that the webpage being developed can be found easily by search engines.As search is now one of the major sources of online traffic, most companies are focusing their efforts in improving their website’s visibility in order to gain more organic traffic from big search engines like Google, Yahoo, & Bing.
To help you improve your website’s search engine visibility, here are few effective and easy to follow website design tips.

Relevant Content:The most important part of SEO is perhaps having content relevant to your main page or site topic. The readable text on the page needs to be relevant to the targeted keywords and information in the meta tags and alt tags. The content needs to read well, in addition to being keyword dense, in order to be useful to a reader. All information needs to be explained fully so it makes sense to the reader. The site content needs to be relevant in order for the search engine to link it to the search term. However some keyword stuffed copy can appear to be spam and put potential users off.

Setting Up Content Management Systems for Better Indexing: Another important part of SEO website design is setting up a content management system (CMS) that makes indexing a website easier for search engines. There are a large number of CMSs available for websites, and they allow webmasters to sort content by subject, type of content and keywords. This will help prevent duplicate content in the future while also making a website easier for visitors to navigate.

Add Google Analytics to your site. There are other traffic tools, of course, but GA is free and about as robust as it gets. For SEO purposes, you can see what keywords are successfully drawing visitors to your site. You can see which pages are most clicked and which aren’t. You may want to rewrite the copy on pages that aren’t visited or where visitors are exiting. Also add your site to Google’s Webmasters Tools. You’ll find more information about the effectiveness of your keywords there and a bird's eye view of how Google sees your site.

Speed: Make the speed of your website fast. Provide website visitors with a better web surfing experience. This will improve the SEO as visitors can load up your pages quickly. If a website takes a long time to load, it will not perform well. Therefore, the best thing to do is to design a website and build it in a way so that it will reduce the loading time.

Create backlinks: Backlinks are another way to improve search engine ranking. Backlinks are found by spiders and bots. These tools use advanced algorithms to find the most relevant links to a company's website. The link-finding process takes place after the spider studies every link on a company's website. This process helps the spider learn and identify the website's subject matter. Once the subject matter is established, relevancy to other websites can be determined based on the baseline.

Businesses are constantly looking for ways to improve their website design for better SEO results. Updating your website to better address the on-page SEO factors can turn out to be a very effective way to improve the search engine performance of your business.
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Some of the Interesting Myths and Facts about SEO Services

You might be quite surprised to know that there are certain myths, when it comes to SEO and its services. Some of them have no evidence, while others have no logic to the fact at all. Whatever the reason might be, it is necessary to get the basics cleared before arriving at any conclusions. Let’s check some of them:
Is Link Building Important?
It is believed that link building is the most important factor, when it comes to improving the performance of your webpage. Well it’s true, but not completely rather it is ‘relevance’ which is the most important factor for ranking. Well what is the use of link building, when you have no proper keyword used on them or say if the contents are not sensible at all?  All these factors are equally important and need to be catered differently and properly. A proper co-ordination is a must for better rankings on website.
When users search for a particular webpage, they enter the keyword for the same. Google quickly helps them to find the proper match for the same. If your keyword is not proper then your page will never get proper recognition, as you always wanted to.
Is bounce rate important for ranking?
Many think that bounce back is a process of getting better ranks on the webpage. It is a wrong thought and is a myth. Matt Cutts has clarified that Google does not consider bounce rate as a factor for ranking nor any analytics data is used. Rather what matters a lot is how much time a client spends on the site, and what details they look on the site.
Google uses a ‘pogosticking’ process, where the result is calculated on the basis of how much time a user spends on a particular site. For instance, a user visits the particular site and then visits another site, and spends considerable time there then it is used to denote the rankings.
In short, Google has many methods to check the rankings of your page.  But it is certainly not the bounce rate.
Is domain age important ranking?
Some people think that the older the domain is, better will be the ranking. This is not right. You would have seen many new domains that adopted the best technique, for improving their rankings.
Older domain, if they don’t make the necessary changes and adopt the right technique will never gain popularity, which is a must for getting better ranks. Age doesn’t matter a lot, and what matters a lot is the procedure and the technique that is used to promote the site. You might have heard a lot about the domain authority, especially in SEO. However experts have a different version to this state, altogether.
It is impossible to stand against higher authority domains
SEO’s don’t have enough evidence to state that there is something called authority domain. Both internal as well as external links are essential for the ranking of page.
Your website gains popularity due to the content present in it, the link building process, and other factors. So if anyone promises you to increase the ranking through this process, then think over it.

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Navigation Schemes and SEO

Starting with WordPress 3.0, powerful features were added to the platform that will allow for the easy creation of custom navigation menus. Many WordPress themes have even more impressive menu building features built into them. If you're working on your navigation menus and you want to make certain that you're doing it in a way that is as beneficial as possible towards your search engine optimization efforts, consider the following.

#1: Do You Have Breadcrumbs?

Breadcrumb links appear as text links that show the path you took to the page you're currently reading. They can appear on the top, bottom or anywhere else on the page, depending upon your layout. These links are extremely useful to users. Because they are useful to users, search engines tend to smile upon them, as well. Functionally, they make paging backwards through your website to get back to where you started as easy as paging backwards through a book and, therefore, they're great features to have on your site.

#2: Is Everything There?

There should be a point-and-click link to every single page on your site accessible from your navigation menus. If this seems like it's going to make your navigation menus too crowded, you simply need to learn how to use submenus more effectively. WordPress themes oftentimes have features built into them that make constructing menus with multiple levels of submenus very easy. When you're checking your site to make certain that you put everything together correctly, make sure that there's a link to every page from your navigation menus and that it's easy to find.

#3: Is it Well Organized?

Your WordPress navigation menus should be organized in a logical way relative to your content. Most of the time, any given page on a website can be organized according to its relationship with other pages. For example, if you had an auto repair tips site, you might have a navigation path in your menus similar to "Imports>Parts>Fuel Injectors". Such a navigation scheme would make it extremely easy for people to find exactly what they want. Make sure that your navigation menus are sensible given the content of your site.

#4: Does Your Menu System Conform to Standards?

One of the worst things you can do from a search engine optimization standpoint is to use a navigation menu plug-in or other technology that doesn't conform to World Wide Web Consortium design standards. This makes it almost certain that the search engines will not be able to follow your links. Make sure whatever technology you use conforms to the appropriate standards.

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